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I was twelve years old and it was late at night when severe abdominal pains struck me. It was a call to my uncle, a chiropractor, that kept me from a long night in the emergency room. A simple visceral adjustment had me back asleep within 20 minutes.

It is this experience that planted the seed of chiropractic as a lifelong career. However, it was not until I was in my third year of college, and my lawyer aspirations were squashed by an excruciating visit to a prominent law school, that the seed planted almost 10 years previously sprouted into an idea. After that law school visit, I made a frantic call to my uncle. He invited me to shadow him for a couple of days in his chiropractic clinic. At the end of this time, I knew what my purpose was.

Palmer Chiropractic College was the only place to attend in my mind after graduating from Huntingdon College. It had the reputation of being the first chiropractic college in the US and my great grandfather had taught there for over 30 years. It is at Palmer that I learned the techniques that three generations before me had used to adjust my spine.

My primary goal as a chiropractic physician is to serve the patient. It is vital for me to listen and respond to the needs presented. I view my relationship with a patient as a team effort to find a resolution to the problem he/she is experiencing.

When time allows, I enjoy golfing, snorkeling, fishing. Since my 40th birthday, I have enjoyed participating in Sprint Triathlons. Some might call this a mid-life crisis – I prefer to think of it as a way to keep my body as young as my mind. Also, as a chiropractor, I know how important it is to keep yourself healthy through a good diet and exercise; this is my way of leading by example.

I know that I’ve been blessed with good health. I also feel that without chiropractic care in my life, I would not be as fortunate. It is my belief that the body is its best healer and with good nutrition, exercise, and spinal mobility, the chances of being healthy increase dramatically.It is my

Gainesville chiropractor, Dr. Mark Chancejob/responsibility to make sure that you get the best treatment for your condition. If you’re tired of masking the symptoms through traditional medications and are looking to correct the problem through holistic methods, chiropractic might be for you. Call and set up your consultation today.

Dr. Mark Chance with his family during a Disney trip.

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