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I always strive to seek the natural approach to health…

As the youngest of four boys and the son of a second generation Chiropractor, I enjoyed an idyllic childhood free of any significant illnesses with nothing but the sunny outdoors and the ocean to enjoy every day. My father raised us with a natural approach to health, beginning every morning with fresh-squeezed orange juice and wheat germ. Medications were not part of his approach to illness, instead he relied on sound nutrition, adequate rest and making sure we were in proper alignment. Whenever we were feeling sick, we received any needed Chiropractic adjustments and were sent immediately to bed and almost always woke up feeling back to normal the next day. I’ve tried to raise my children the same way and advise my patients in the fundamentals of maintaining good health.

I was born in Miami, graduated from Coral Gables High School and attended Miami -Dade Community College and the University of Florida. But it wasn’t until I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa that I truly got excited about learning. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1981 and began a career that has been a continuous journey of learning and professional growth as well as the most personally rewarding career I could ever imagine.

Initially, I took over my Dad’s practice in Coral Gables for two years, then in 1983 moved to Gainesville to join my brother Michael. Together our practice grew steadily over the years and we moved into our current, larger offices in 1990. My practice has evolved over the years to offer my patients a more comprehensive approach and treat more conditions. In addition to Upper Cervical Specific, Thompson, and Diversified Chiropractic techniques, I have had extensive training in Applied Kinesiology, Extremity Adjusting, Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) and the Allergy Elimination Technique developed by Dr. Nambudripad (NAET).

Shortly after I moved to Gainesville, I met my wife Mary who was in a master’s program at the University of Florida with Mike’s wife Sandi. (Thanks, Sandi for setting up that successful blind date in 1984!) With one son from my first marriage, Mary and I have three children and enjoy a wonderful, active life together. Mary has a heart for nonprofit work and is currently the executive director of the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations, working to increase private sector support for Florida’s public schools, students and teachers.

Exercise is an important part of my daily life and you can find me at my neighborhood fitness center most days doing strength training, cycling or other cardio exercise. My ideal vacation is a week of scuba diving – a hobby I have enjoyed since I was 13 years old — and favorite past destinations are Bonaire and the Cayman Islands.

Of course, as a third generation Chiropractor, seeking a natural approach to almost any health condition is the always the logical first choice for me. In an age where so many “miracle cures” are offered by health practitioners of all disciplines, I do understand the healthy skepticism that many people approach Chiropractic with. But instead of thinking of Chiropractic as last resort when other doctors have been consulted and drugs used, I hope that patients will consider coming to me as a first course of action.

The generations of families who have come to rely on my care as a “first line of defense” know that I will always act with integrity and their best interests at heart. They have learned that I am often able to help with a wide array of health conditions – from digestive disturbances and illnesses brought on by emotional distress – in addition to treating neck and back conditions, headaches and extremity mis-alignments. They know that if I am unable to help them get well I will make sure they are referred to another appropriate and trusted healthcare provider. I have several medical doctors as patients myself and appreciate the areas of expertise they can offer the patients we often share in common. I prefer to think of Chiropractic care as “complementary” to Western Medicine and believe it is actually more conservative in nature than most people probably consider. After all, what’s more conservative than helping one’s own body perform optimally without drugs or surgery?

Dr. Chris Chance The Chiropractor To See In Gainesville

I take the health and overall well being of each of my patients seriously and am proud of the comprehensive care we can offer. The trust of my patients is sacred to me and I hope to have the opportunity to earn yours as we help you reach your full health potential

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